It seems to be an ongoing trend for this week’s module between everyone in the group, that we all agree we are consumers rather than producers. For one of the comments under my blog post, someone asked why I think most people are consumers. He says he thinks it is because of laziness, or that people aren’t very creative. I do agree with what he said, however I also think there is more to it. One girl in my group mentioned in her blog that she didn’t want to post a tutorial video with her friends because they don’t think they would be funny and amusing enough. She mentions that there are so many tutorial videos out there on YouTube, what would make her video different from the rest so that people will want to watch it? Therefore, I do agree that I think many people are afraid to be a producer because they are afraid to be let down, or afraid of the criticism that may come with it. There will always be different opinions, so it takes creativity and confidence in your material to become a producer.

            What I also found interesting in the comments under my blog is the opinions on whether or not copyright laws on the internet should be less or more strict. One person gave me the idea of putting myself in someone’s position who is a producer. Imagine sharing a video with close friends and family and all of the sudden it goes viral. Then people start trying to imitate it, which wouldn’t be too bad until some people start getting money for a video that is copying yours. That is when copyright laws come into play. I never really thought of that until it was brought up, and it definitely caught my attention.

            Overall, this week’s module has given me a different perspective about consumers and producers, and has given me insight as to what others personal opinions are regarding the fact that most people are consumers. I have gained new ideas, and some knowledge from the readings about the internet and its cultural commons. Also, the whole idea of copyright on the internet never really came to mind, but this week I learned a lot about the issues and problems with it.