The main point that everyone mentions in my blog comments are that it would be impossible to completely eliminate music piracy and illegal music downloading. Everyone agrees that they don’t buy CD’s anymore, and that everyone downloads the music they want to hear illegally online. It makes sense to have a playlist of songs we know we will enjoy and want to listen to rather than a CD that we only like 4 out of 20 songs. In the end it is more convenient, and better for us to download music for free. One comment by melaniemunroe said that she would rather have low quality music, but songs she likes, rather than a CD with good music quality but songs she won’t listen to. It makes sense and I completely agree.

Another point made that I thought was very interesting was the fact that times have changed and no one really uses CD’s even anymore. In the comments, elisetakahashi mentions that we don’t wear the same close or have the same hairstyles as in the 90’s and 2000’s, nor do we still use Walkman’s or boom boxes. Everything is on an iPod, and as music and trends are changing, technology is as well. In the 90s we hardly had access to the internet, so there was no way to download it and have music piracy become a big problem. It is technological advances that make it easier for us and more convenient. She says “corporations just need to jump on board and deal with it”, and she makes a point. The music industry needs to accept the changes in society and come up with other ways to make money. I also agree with colecrerar90 when they say they think the music industry is still making a ton of money anyways, so what’s the big deal with music piracy? Also, as bigtuna90 says, “who’s gonna stop us”?

When cromero2013 mentions that we download music illegally because we are always looking for the newest releases and get bored of songs very quickly, it made me think back to the idea that society has changed so much. It is always said that the new generations want everything right away, which comes from instant messaging, texting, and social networking sites. We want things fast, and we are constantly changing our minds. My dad always questions me and my brothers asking why we never listen to a full song. After the first or second chorus we change the song. We get bored easily and the only way to keep up with new music is to be able to download it whenever we want. I will personally have a new favourite song of the week, every week, and will get bored of it very quickly. Imagine we had to buy a new CD for every new song of the week? I would be broke.