For the most part, the comments under my blog made me aware that even though there are many people who love to post status’ on Facebook, and tweet their opinions and views, many people also enjoy sitting back and reading about others opinions. Many also agreed that it will be interesting to see the future and how everything works out. Like @colecrerar90 said, “it will be interesting to see how citizen journalists and the trained professionals compete in reporting the news in the years to come”. The fact that they are competing right now makes it very up in the air for the future. Competition usually means someone will win, so I wonder who will win. Even @melaniemunrow said, “what about the newspaper companies or broadcasting stations? Will these traditional ways of receiving news become a thing of the past”? I honestly think it will be.

Some members in my group such as @elisetakahashi and @melaniemunroe both agree with me when we enjoy reading what others have to say, and don’t often put in our own two cents. When @elisetakahashi mentions it, she calls herself a “lazy consumer” which I thought was worded perfectly, and I would agree that I am the same way. One point brought up by @cromero2013 was the fact that they said, “news quickly becomes old and people are always anticipating the next big news event”. I thought this was a new point I didn’t really think of while writing my blog because it is very true. News becomes old very fast, sometimes by the next day, maybe even by the night of whatever the occurrence was. Depending on the topic of course, small news stories that become a popular topic on social networks quickly fade as a new one will become the next hot topic. Bigger news stories will understandably be mentioned for a longer period of time, but they still come and go so quickly. I think it would be interesting to keep track of all the popular “trending” topics on twitter for a year and then look back to which ones were actually important and cared about for longer. Some topics are so small; I don’t understand how it can be trending. But, I guess different topics are important to different people. That is where citizen journalism comes to play, because so many different topics may be stated by different people on social networks. Everyone has different opinions, which may be the main reason why social networking systems are so easy to stay on for hours on end because there is so much to read.